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EA has decided to roll the partridge and presented the historical icons of FIFA 18 for the FUT. Each historical player will now have 3 different representations, each of a time.

Electronic Arts has unveiled live several of the new features of FUT 18 . Among them has revealed the historical icons of FIFA 18 , which will be available for Ultimate Team. And they have also revealed a new historical player; a certain Ronaldinho for

The icons are, in short, what were the legends in previous Fifa. The best players in history that are available as chrome in FUT. The difference is that now each player will have three variants related to three moments of his career. Something quite ridiculous and that serves for little more than to mislead and to be able to say that there are more little cards out there in

Those shown in the trailer to illustrate this new feature are Spider Black, Rio Ferdinand, Pelusa, Tití, Ronaldo, El Rey and Dinho. Between nickname and nickname could be this a series of superheroes. Each of the players will have three historical representations. Ronaldinho, who has been the new addition, will appear as in 2002, in 2004 and in 2010. The second will be the best rated with a 94 on average. Nothing bad.fifa 18 historical icons

Ronaldo's highest score will be 96 (he is the best center forward of the game) and corresponds to 1997. The one of Maradona is of the year 86 and reaches a 97 of mean. Almost the biggest of the game, only behind the 1970 Pele get the tricks from, which reaches 98 points. Yashin, Henry and Ferdinand reach in their best representation a 94, a 93 and a 90 of average respectively.

These are by no means the only historical icons to be found in FIFA 18 . In fact others have already been revealed as Deco, Owen or Puyol. There must always be room for those considered as best players in history.

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